Monday, December 3, 2012

First Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year we spent some time in Tennessee. It is the first year we did not eat a formal traditional turkey dinner. I was a bit bummed about that. I really wanted traditional for my family.
But seeing family kinda made up for it a bit.
We went Thanksgiving morning. Long drive but i enjoyed it. Seeing the family was extra rewarding. I think for Lien seeing his dad was a treat. Since his mom is gone he wanted to make sure his dad is alright and doing ok. He worries but we all know all his kids worry about him too.
He seems to be doing well, just a bit lonely which is understandable.
Lien felt bad so we had our own little Thanksgiving dinner {with ham} the night before. My sister-in-law joined us along with my sister and parents. Doesn't matter what we are eating, as long as my family is there i'm happy!
This is Nalin's first Thanksgiving!!!
They had a little get-together for him and some friends. It was pretty fun. I pretty much hung out with the kiddos but hey i'm use to it. Guess i'm pretty boring lol.

We spent about 3 days there. We tried to get back home so i could go see my friends who were doing a Pinterest party. But we got hungry along the way and stopped in Cincinnati to get food. The last time we went to Tennessee and were heading home we stopped at this amazing Sushi and Seafood buffet place and we wanted to go there again. We spent about an hour driving around to find the place and we find out we hadn't even got to the exit yet! lol
After two hours we manage to find it. :)
See we usually don't take that long to get food, we pretty much will eat anywhere or anything. But we all know how much my hubby loves seafood and i wanted him to enjoy it. Since he has been driving for so long and such. I really wanted to see my friends but i wanted to see Lien enjoy his trip even more.
I didn't remind him for that reason.
And then after we got done eating. When we were almost home he finally remembered. But i told him it was fine. He apologized for forgetting. But that's ok,....i'll see my girls another time. :)

He took the next day off so that he could spend some time with Nalin and I since he hasn't been able to spend time with us. I didn't even realize the older kids had no school!
So we made it a family day. We went out to lunch and then headed out to get some Christmas ornaments for our tree.
We put up our tree that day. It was a good day! I love my little family, even though sometimes we don't really want to be in the same room with each other but we really do love each other. :)

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Nye said...

Hi Noy, you do have a beautiful family and I've been enjoying reading your posts. :)