Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Well Soccer season has ended!
Not sure if i'm excited or what. I love love Soccer season. It keeps my kids active and it keeps me busy and happy.
I admit some days i am way too busy that i don't even know where i'm going. But i love it.
I'm glad that it's over so that our little family can finally have some down time and just hang out. But now what do we do? We have way too much time on our hands.

No worries though, Naree starts indoor Soccer soon. :)

When i was younger i didn't get to do sports. Not because my parents wouldn't let me. They weren't around to be able to take me. They both worked hard and mom held 2 jobs for the longest time.
I was able to do Track in Junior High {that's Middle School now}.
Parents couldn't take me to my meets or anything so if it was not at home, i'd get a ride with my best friend, John. So glad his dad let me tag along :)
In fact it was his dad that took us to get our physicals for Track. My mom had to work.
I did Choir too in school and mom and dad never went to my concerts...yes they had to work. :(
My parents were not able to be at any of my concerts, track meets, conferences or any other school activity.
At the time i felt bad sometimes but i know that they had their reasons. I appreciate every effort they make to give us a home and food on the table.

 Back to Soccer {sorry i went off topic a bit} I am a proud momma. I always wanted to be a soccer mom! Nilun is playing for the high school, he is doing well. He did so well, he hurt himself. His knee is hurting a bit, we'll see how it is in a few weeks. I think he just overdid himself. They practiced everyday for 3 hours! That has to take a toll on them.
Naree is doing well also. Her team calls her The Machine! lol
This season her dad got to be Assistant coach.
She is now trying out indoor soccer. She's never played indoor. And yes her dad will be assistant coach for this one too! And he loves it, soccer is his sport. He goes a little too crazy though :)

This is Naree's team on their last game day. Nilun and his friend decided to be their mascot for that game. That's them in the back with the purple morph outfit. They were instant celebs for the day. Kids were running up to them and parents were snapping photos.
It was cold that day too, but the boys were good sports. They waited and waited. I was confused as to why they didn't just go warm up in the car. And then Naree made a goal and i cheered for her. Then i heard all the parents cheering and i look and there's Nilun and Davon running around the whole field with their hands up yelling "GOAL". Parents were giving them high fives and cheering! They waited all that time just so they can run around.
I told you there is never a dull moment in my household!
When i walked up to the field, one of Naree's team mates' mom came up to me and said "so i heard your son is going to be our cheerleader?"
"yes he is but i told him to get out of the car before me or way after me"
"why? I think that's awesome, everyone is waiting for them to get out"
"I told him don't sit close to me or call me mom"
We both laughed!
And after they ran the field, she turns to Nilun and goes "hey where's mom?" and turns around looks at me. We both laugh!

I swear i love being mom to these wackos! Oh and they got it from their dad....

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