Friday, September 7, 2012

We have a...

We now have a sitter! Yippy...

She is sitting without assistants pretty well now. She is so adorable sitting there and sometimes she'll get her hand and help herself stay up, like she is doing on this picture right now. How cute huh?

She hasn't crawled. I don't think she will. She has been turning over and if she wants to go somewhere she'll just turn and turn til she gets to where she wants to go, it actually is pretty cute to watch her do. She tried to crawl but her face just kinda ends up planting on the carpet and she ends up no where. :)
I think she'll just get up and walk and not crawl at all. Wouldn't that be awesome?!?
What a stinker huh?

And this is mainly how she sleeps now that she can turn over.
Before she would always sleep on her back, no matter how much i change her to her side she'll go back to her back again. That explains the flat head! lol
But i'm glad she is turning on her own now, now she loves to sleep like this and she will change positions on her own. Maybe she'll fix her head on her own! lol

Can't believe time is flying by so fast. I just want it to go a bit slower so i can enjoy her infant times...

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