Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What we've been doing.....

My vacation started on the 25th of July. And i have to say it's been great since. Been busy but i love it.
I've been going back and forth between Kuna and Twin Falls.
My friend's back yard. Isn't it awesome? Beautiful and peaceful. I could definitely wake up  to this everyday . 

The kids are probably pretty tired and sick of that but i made up for it by renting a hotel.
There is something about kids and hotels. My kids were like kids in a candy store. They were so excited about being in a hotel. My son even sang the song about it and yes he did sing and dance AND took his shirt off.

My daughter camped out in the bathroom until i kicked her out because i had to shower. :)

My kids are what you would call 'bahn naok'. lol
But i have to admit there is something about being in a hotel on your vacation that just makes it all better. It's like the vacation is complete with a hotel stay.
I'm not sure what is it.
They did not want to leave at all. I will have to admit, i didn't really want to leave just yet either.
Us all ready for the wedding. So cheesy huh? lol 
I just wanted to update everyone {if anyone ever even looks at this thing} on what we've been up to since i haven't updated this in a while.
I really need to work on it because i wanted this to be a diary for my kids and grand kids. 

There will be more to post... a lot more. {be forewarned}  lol 

But i can't do much until i get home. Which is in a week. 

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