Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby baby baby!!!

There past few days/weeks have been so hectic i don't even know where to began. It's been such a blurr for me......

Baby shower 1/14/12

My baby shower was nice. It was nice to get to mingle with some friends and just enjoy some time with them. Thank you to my good friends Lynn and Rochelle for throwing me such a nice shower and i'd like to thank all my friends who made it out there too.
It meant a lot to me!
I got lots of cute girly outfits!
Pink galore i tell ya! :)
Thank you Rochelle! This is gorgeous......
wish i had taken a group photo before everyone left.
I am grateful to have such wonderful family and friends! Truly am blessed. :)
And even more blessed to have my family: Lien, Nilun and Naree............
They were supportive throughout the pregnancy. Yes even when i had my mood swings. But i promise there weren't many of those. I swear! lol

Also my sweet husband! I love you Lien........
Thank you for always being there for me. Giving me foot rubs and belly rubs. Cooking me my favorite dishes and helping me with the kids, dishes and every thing else. How did i get so lucky?
Yep i know, i think i will keep him! :)

The birth of my much anticipated baby girl! 1/27/12
 I went in to do my regular check up with my OB on 1/26/12.....
She checked me and said i was 3 centimeters dilated. Oh boy right? LOL
I have history with this. See every time i go in to see the doc and she checks me down there........usually means i'm having my baby.
The day she checked me with Nilun: a few hours later i had him.
Same thing with Naree i had her the same day she checked me.
And they were both a week early.
So when my doc said it could be another week...................i told her "no i know it'll either be today or tomorrow".
I just know it.
All day that day i have contractions. Although they weren't labor contractions but i knew it was soon. That night it was very uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep at all. So around 7 am i couldn't hold it and Lien and i headed to the hospital. My contractions were only about 10 minutes apart.
Doc checked me again around 9 am and i was at 5 centimeters. She was surprised for some reason. I'm not sure why.
At around 10ish my contractions started getting really bad and i was in pain for sure this time. So nurse checked me and i was at 7 centimeters. The nurse said she wanted me to wait until i was at 10 centimeters to push. Crazy i know!
Lien told the nurse "my wife's a small person i don't think she can wait til 10 centimeters. She is ready now!"
So the nurse said "ok, i 'll get the doctor."
So doc comes in and i'm literally in lots of pain by now.
She says "let me get my gloves and i'll pop your water and i'll start delivery."
Literally a min after she said that my water breaks.
But now i'm like in pain, real bad pain.

"um my water just broke and i feel something coming out, i want to push."
"no don't push yet."

3 minutes later:
{breathing in and out and in pain} " i can't hold it i want to push, she's pushing me."

The nurse and doctor is now hurrying up to get their stuff and the nurse takes my bed off and gets me ready to push.

Lien: "breath honey, you're doing good."
Me: "oooohhhh............i can't, she's pushing. I have to push now."
Doc: "ok when you're ready just push."

And that's when the fun part begins!
2 pushes in i feel my toe cramping up.
Me: "my toes cramping up."
Nurse: "ok i got it."
4th push and the baby is out at 10:49 am!!!!!!
And she is here! On my stomach staring at me and i can't help but fall in love. She is precious.......
Just as i imagined her to be. This perfect little thing is all mine! How did i get so lucky?
Her hair so thick and there was plenty of it too. :) {i know be jealous!}
9 months of waiting and she is here.

Oh and if anyone was wondering. NO i did not scream, yell or anything. You know how some people yell or scream? Well i'm not one of those people. Never was. I mean i might have been a little loud on the pushing part but other than that No i'm not one of those. :)
Oh and i did it naturally too. No drugs or anything. Yep be jealous! j/k
Just to clarify.............

We are enjoying our little girl! She is perfect in every way. Even when she sleeps. She sleeps a lot and poop a lot too...........but that's what babies do!
She had a little jaundice but she is doing well now.

Her brother and sister are eating it all up.............she is gonna be one spoiled little sister.
Naree always wants to hold her and she is changing her diaper already. :)
And that's a good thing!
Nilun talks to her and i think he just can't wait til she's a bit older so he can do more with her. Right now he likes talking to her in a baby voice and he is holding her.
I'm still working on him changing her diaper.......we'll get there....i hope!

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