Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

You know how woman get really weird cravings when they're pregnant?
Well i'm no exception to that. I've had some pretty crazy weird ones.

When i was pregnant with Nilun all i wanted was orange juice and watermelon. I drank orange juice all the time, every waking moment. Never water. : )
And i had to have watermelon even though it was a pain to ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom.
I had other cravings but nothing as major as these two. I had to have them!
When i had Nilun he came out smelling like orange juice....literally NO JOKE!
I even asked my husband "what's that smell? It smells like orange juice!".
He smelled like orange juice for a week! {sorry nilun} 
And his head was shaped like a watermelon. Again I am not kidding you. Don't ask me why, it just did.
And to clarify.....his head is shaped just fine now! : )

With Naree i had all the usual cravings.........
EXCEPT for two very weird, wacky and crazy one!
I wanted Monkeys and Rabbits.
Ok so i know what you are thinking.
"WTF?"..............right? lol
Yep i did, that was a CRAZY craving.
And NO PEOPLE i DID NOT satisfy my craving for that.
First of all......where would i get a monkey?
Anyways i wouldn't try it. YUCK!!!
Monkeys are my fave animal i wouldn't want to eat it let alone hurt it. Well unless you hurt me or someone i love. That's a different story.
That's when they aren't cute anymore. :)
I did however tried the Rabbit and it was yummy! Taste kinda like chicken. Yes it does. So yummy! :)

Wait! Now i can't remember if the Monkey craving was with Nilun or Naree.
OH well it doesn't matter which one because i did have cravings for them. lol

So with this one i have the usual cravings too. But nothing sour or no papaya salad like the typical Asian pregnant woman do. :)
If you're Asian {Thai or Lao} you will understand what i'm talking about. I didn't have a feel for them. In the early stages i did eat lots of sour mango but it stopped around the 6th month.
I don't crave those things. I eat all the regular stuff, nothing too out of this world.
What i crave are fruits, especially Honeydew. I love Honeydew even before i was pregnant but now even more.
And the number one craving of all this time around is......................{drum roll}


Yep these frozen suckers!
I can sit on the couch all day and just munch and munch on these things. I think i probably irritate the heck out of my family sometimes. Because i'll even munch on them when we watch movies or TV.
Sorry guys!
Now it's not that much of a crazy craving but i crave this all the time.
My ice maker broke so now i'm reduced to having to buy the ice at the store.

I'm so crazy about them.
Case in point:
Today i went to the store to get some fruits. And i bought a bag of ice. While at the register i looked at my bag of ice and actually thought of opening the bag and eating some right then and there!
I'm a nut case! The girl would have thought i was psycho or something. :)
Glad i resisted the temptation. But all the way home i couldn't wait to get to my ice.
And while putting the groceries away i actually opened the bag and snuck in a few. It was ooooh so good. :)
When i'm drinking water or juice i add a lot of ice but just enough juice or water to drink just so i could get to the ice quicker.
Yeah i know i'm crazy.
But hey at least i have a friend who understands. Yuki loves the ice too. He'll munch on some with me too. :)

So what is or was your crazy, wacky pregnancy craving?


Rochelle said...

I craved ice with every single pregnancy. Is your iron low? :)

I wanted Wendy's french fries with Grace. Olive Garden with Graham. Steak with Jayne. And edamame with Peter. ;)

Noy said...

Yes my Iron is always low!

Yum yes french fries, that was with Nilun (i started eating fries regularly when pregnant with Nilun)