Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life's many faces.....

My heart is a little heavy and saddened. The year did not start off so great as we had hope.
My mother-in-law passed but we gained some happiness in the mix with the birth of our precious daughter. We've certainly weathered tremendous storms this year. And it's safe to say we stayed in tack...sanity and all!

My heart is heavy because of many things happening now.
Too many problems arises when one is taken cared of.

How do you keep respecting someone who didn't give you the respect in return? How do you still consider these people family when in actuality they probably don't think of you as family?
These people; people who you've come to include in every aspect of your life. People who have sat and ate with you? People who you share food with?
How does one forget who one is? What goes into ones' mind to forget the people who care for them the most?
How do you sleep at night knowing you've hurt the people who care about you and who are actually the ones who will actually be there for you?
I've found many friends along the road, but i NEVER forget who my true friends are and they will NEVER be replaced.
So why is it that some people are so quick to replace one another?

Maybe i'm just mumbling to myself, i guess this doesn't quite make sense huh?
It doesn't have to, at least not to you?
It makes sense to me!

One day my heavy heart will be lifted because i would have replaced the heaviness with sympathy. Sympathy for these so-called friends because in actuality they are the ones in pain, not me.
They've taken themselves so far from reality that they've forgotten who they are and who truly are their friends. They are lost in a world they claim that is great. But it isn't. Because this world they're in, it makes their heart have hatred, envy and jealousy. They think they live in peace but they don't.
One day it will all hit them. And i hope it doesn't hit too hard. For I still have sympathy for them. I hope that one day they will find their way back. Either i'll be at that road waiting or not, it's hard to tell. I have forgiveness but i also have the courage to walk away from something that has hurt me and i no longer want that in my life.

For now I must put that aside. There are more important things happening in life than to dwell on such "undeserving friends".

For now we focus on coming together as a family to give support, to hold each other, to give our shoulders to cry on, and to make sense of what life is about.

This weekend, we say farewell to a beloved father, uncle, brother, and son.
We will rejoice in his life for he lived a wonderful full life.
We will rejoice in his memory...for it will never be forgotten.
Most of all we will come together to let him know that he is loved by many and most of all he is loved by his family.

Sometimes in life we lose and sometimes we win. There are no guarantees...
So give your loved one hugs and kisses, make sure they know you appreciate and love them.
You just never know when they will have to come together to say farewell to you.
Never take a day granted.
Never take a friend for granted. {forgive and forget - it really isn't that hard}
Never take a family member for granted.
Never not give someone a smile...
For one day you might not get to smile again.

Love with all your heart.
Don't hurt each other.
Laugh til you cry.
And live life to your hearts content.

Remember to love each other - because there might not be tomorrow.

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